Minggu, 27 April 2014

About Me

Yey! i have blog account.. 
Hello guys.. Welcome to my blog..
My name is Aditya Yulianasari Tamanampo, but you can call me Aditya.
I'm a girl, yes a girl with a boy's name. *lol
I am a student in Papua Medical School.
I work at Papuan Youth Health, you can visit the website www.papuanyouthhealth.org
I'm a bit Introvert but i'm so friendly.
I like travling to visit the cafe to find my fav drink cappucino or ice chocolate.
I like Photography, but not like a profesional, just myhobby. I can confidently and with the photograph, we can keep the beautiful moments. I always try to be creative girl who is always looking for opportunities to learn.
I believe in Jesus Christ and I proud to be a Christian

"No action nothing happen, but take action miracle happen"

Facebook : Aditya Tamanampo
Twitter : @adityatamanampo
Instagram :  adityatamanampo
"If you never try, you'll never know"